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2008 Annual Report Page 4

Products manufactured, processed or packaged by Bridgford
    83 %     82 %
Products manufactured or processed by third parties for distribution
    17 %     18 %
      100 %     100 %

Although we have recently introduced several new products, most of these products have not contributed significantly to our revenue growth for the fiscal year. Our sales are not subject to material seasonal variations. Historically we have been able to respond quickly to the receipt of orders and, accordingly, do not maintain a significant sales backlog. Bridgford Foods Corporation and its industry generally have no unusual demands or restrictions on working capital items. During the last fiscal year we did not enter into any new markets or any significant contractual or other material relationships.

To date, federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations, including those relating to the discharge of materials into the environment, have not had a material effect on our business.

Availability of SEC Filings and Code of Conduct on Internet Website

We maintain an Internet website at  Available on this website, free of charge, are annual reports on Form 10-K, quarterly reports on Form 10-Q, and reports filed under Section 16 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 which we file with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Our Code of Conduct is also available on the website.

Major Product Classes

Frozen Food Products

Our frozen food division serves both food service and retail customers. We sell approximately 170 unique frozen food products through wholesalers, cooperatives, and distributors to approximately 21,000 retail outlets and 22,000 restaurants and institutions.

Frozen Food Products – Food Service

The food service industry is composed of establishments that serve food outside the home and includes restaurants, the food operations of health care providers, schools, hotels, resorts, corporations, and other traditional and non-traditional food service outlets. Growth in this industry has been driven by the increase in away-from-home meal preparation, which has accompanied the expanding number of both dual income and single-parent households. Another trend within the food service industry is the growth in the number of non-traditional food service outlets such as convenience stores, retail stores, and supermarkets. These non-traditional locations often lack extensive cooking, storage, or preparation facilities resulting in a need for pre-cooked and prepared foods similar to those we provide. The expansion in the food service industry has also been accompanied by the continued consolidation and growth of broadline and specialty food service distributors, many of which are long-standing customers.

We supply our food service customers generally through distributors that take title to the product and resell it. Among our customers are many of the country’s largest broadline and specialty food service distributors. These and other large end purchasers occasionally go through extensive qualification procedures and their manufacturing capabilities are subjected to thorough review by the end purchasers prior to our approval as a vendor. Large end purchasers typically select suppliers that can consistently meet increased volume requirements on a national basis during peak promotional periods. We believe that manufacturing flexibility, national presence, and long-standing customer relationships should allow us to compete effectively with other manufacturers seeking to provide similar products to our current large food service end purchasers, although no assurances can be given.

Frozen Food Products – Retail Customers

The majority of our existing and targeted retail customers are involved in the resale of branded and private label packaged foods. The same trends which have contributed to the increase in away-from-home meal preparation have also fueled the growth in easy to prepare, microwaveable frozen and refrigerated convenience foods. Among the fastest growing segments is the frozen and refrigerated hand-held foods market. This growth has been driven by improved product quality and variety and the increasing need for inexpensive and healthy food items that require minimal preparation. Despite rapid growth, many categories of frozen and refrigerated hand-held foods have achieved minimal household penetration.  We believe we have been successful in establishing and maintaining supply relationships with certain selected leading retailers in this market.

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